Solvent Purification

VACs Patented, Closed Loop Recirculation Module Provides Unsurpassed Purity and Efficiency

• Safe, low pressure design.
• Eliminates Dangerous Solvent stills.
• No fireproof storage cabinet.
• Small space saving footprint.
• Compact modular design.
• <1PPM H20 in THF <2 hours.
• Simple installation.
• Simple cartridge replacement.
• Bench, hood or Glove box Installation.
• In Glovebox dispensing.
• Single or Multiple solvent designs.
• Easy to add modules.
• No solvent waste.
• No peroxide build up.


The VAC module fill adapter allows users to replenish the VAC built in reservoir from industry standard large volume reservoirs. In many jurisdictions container designs eliminate the need for flammable safety storage cabinets.

Technical Bulletin

In Box Solvent Dryer

• As configured dries up to 75 ml of solvent in minutes.
• Karl Fischer test results indicate <10PPM in THF
• Ability to dry just enough solvent needed for a specific reaction.
• Minimizes wasted solvent.
• Easy snap in and out drying columns.
• User replaceable drying media.
• Convenient in box design eliminates inadvertent exposure to air.
• Does not require a vacuum pump.
• Does not require a fire proof cabinet.
• Does not require an inert gas source.
• Easily mounts in any dry box.

Data Sheet