Parker Trigas Generator for LCMS
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The Parker Balston SOURCE TriGas Generator is a completely engineered system designed to deliver pure nitrogen for curtain gas, pure zero grade air as gas-1/gas-2 source gases and dry -40°F dew point air as source exhaust. The system consists of six functional technologies: Coalescing prefiltration with timed solenoid drains, self regenerating compressed air dehydration membranes, a proprietary heated catalysis module, elegant self-regenerating nitrogen retentate membranes, high capacity - high sensitivity carbon absorption modules and carefully matched final filtration membrane media. These technologies are integrated to a reliable scroll compressor.

Features and Benefits:
• Generates pure nitrogen, zero air and source exhaust air from compressed air
• Eliminates costly and inconvenient nitrogen gas and zero air gas cylinders
• Prevents running out of gases during LC/MS instrument operation
• Preserves valuable laboratory space and maximizes LC/MS instrument uptime
• Reliable scroll compressor, quiet 49 dB(A) operation at a safe, low pressure
• Gas purity to 99.999% and no phthalates
• Turnkey system that eliminates stainless steel regulators and gas distribution panels

Dewpoint (F)-40
Dewpoint (C)-40
Nitrogen Purityup to 99.999%
Port sizeOutlet: 1/4" tube - Stainless Steel
Gas RequirementsNitrogen, Zero Air, Dry Air
ApplicationAnalytical Laboratory
Maximum Inlet Pressure (psig)N/A
Maximum Outlet Pressure (psig)NITROGEN: 80, ZERO AIR: 110, EXHAUST GAS: 60
Gas Purity Requirementsto 99.999% and no phthalates
Flow RatesModels: 5000NA, 5001NTNA, 5001TNA: Nitrogen 10 LPM, Zero Air: 23 LPM, Exhaust Gas: 8 LPM Model: SF5000NA:Nitrogen 20 LPM, Zero Air: 46 LPM, Exhaust Gas: 16 LPM
Gas Purity Requirementsto 99.999% and no phthalates
Port Connection Outlet1/4" TUBE STAINLESS STEEL - 3 EACH
Electrical Requirements120 VAC, 60 HZ, 15 AMP, 220 VAC, 60 ZH, 30 AMP, 120 VAC, 60 HZ, 3 AMP
CertificationsCSA 1010, CE