Parker Nitro Vaporizer
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• Ideal for any combination of sample evaporators up to 100 nozzle positions.
• Produces clean, dry (to -20°F) dewpoint evaporator grade nitrogen from any standard laboratory compressed air source
• Accelerates evaporation by decreasing the partial vapor pressure above the solvent liquid
• Eliminates inconvenient and dangerous LN2 boil-off dewars and nitrogen gas cylinders from the laboratory.
• Recommended and used by many sample concentrator and sample evaporator manufacturers
• Payback period of typically less than one year
• Sleep economy mode
• Silent operation and minimal operator attention required

Nitrogen PurityUp to 90%
Nitrogen DewpointDown to -20°F (-29°C) atmospheric
Maximum Nitrogen Flow RateNitroVap-1LV : up to 80 slpm @ 100 psig input up to 140 slpm @ 125 psig input
NitroVap-2LV : up to 160 slpm @ 100 psig input u p to 287 slpm @ 125 psig input
Nitrogen Outlet Pressure0-15 psig user controlled
Inlet Port/Outlet Port1/4” NPT (female)
Weight53 lbs/24 kg