Parker Hydrogen Generator
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Parker Balston’s fuel gas hydrogen generators utilize proton exchange membrane, which eliminates the use of liquid electrolytes with hydrogen generators. Parker Balston hydrogen generators are the most reliable hydrogen generators on the market. Maintenance requires only a few minutes per year without any downtime. Simply change the filters every six months and the desiccant cartridge whenever it turns dark brown. Deionized water is all that is required to generate hydrogen for continuous operation. Automatic water filling is available for all fuel gas hydrogen generators. With an output capacity of up to 510 cc/min, one generator can supply 99.9995% pure hydrogen for up to several FIDs. Features and Benefits:
• Ideal for fuel gas for up to 14 FID’s
• Eliminates dangerous and expensive hydrogen gas cylinders from the laboratory
• Exclusive water management system and control circuitry maximize uptime
• Unique display lighting changes color for easy status checks and water level indication
• Remote control and remote monitoring capable by adding USB options bay controller
• Compact and reliable - only one square foot of bench space required
• Includes 2 year cell warranty
• No liquid caustics required

Gas RequirementsHydrogen
Maximum Inlet Pressure (psig)N/A
Maximum Outlet Pressure (psig)100
Port size Outlet: 1/8" Compression
Gas Purity Requirements99.9995%
Flow Rates100 cc/min, 165 cc/min, 260 cc/min, 510 cc/min
Electrical Requirements100 VAC / 230 VAC
CertificationsCSA, UL, CE, IEC 1010